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One of the constant complains I hear when I talk to business people is just how busy they are. They are too busy to reply to emails, too busy to take into account new social media strategies, too busy to schedule a meeting this week, too busy to really consider a change in marketing tactics. 

We’re all busy. This is the busy society of today. We have information, requests, demands and questions flowing in from everywhere, all the time. The blurring of the traditional lines between work and life have made both a mix of each other and that presents its own problems. But being too busy to do what’s required is either a rather old-fashioned way to gain status by inserting the subtext that you’re important, in demand, and your time is really valuable or it is a call for help and shortcuts.

In this Business Insights podcast we look at how “busy” actually means something else entirely. David Amerland explains. 

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