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One of the most frequent questions I have to address when it comes to the development of a business is deciding what the business actually sells as opposed to what it thinks it sells. Needless to say this always produces some funny looks when it’s introduced as a subject of conversation.

Answers usually range from we sell books, to we sell shoes, computers, services, documents, fur coats, partridges and the proverbial pear tree. I practically, have heard everything you can imagine in that context and, invariably, they all turn out to be wrong.

The thing is that unless you’ve already done some soul searching my bet is that you do not yet know what your business is selling, or at least you are not consciously aware of what it sells and this creates all the problems you face when it comes to creating the kind of marketing that is persistent, pervasive and low cost but which brings results.

In this Online Marketing Help podcast we look at just what you need to ask in order to successfully identify what your business sells. Best-selling SEO and Social Media Marketing author, David Amerland, explains.

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