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I have, on a number of occasions, talked about social media and its importance for business. And I have also discussed how 2012 is going to be a crucial year in terms of social media adoption and the development of social media practices. As it happens 2012 is also the year when I brought out a book titled The Social Media Mind which takes you to the very heart of how social media works and how to use it. The book is available to buy from Amazon or any good bookshop and I can guarantee it’ll make a difference to your online marketing.

This week’s podcast focuses on what exactly is meant when we use the words ‘Social Media Mind’. Social media, after all, as a term, is not that difficult to get so the observation that somehow you need to adopt a new way of thinking does need a little explaining.

It’s true that social media, on a practical level, is easy to understand. It does not require genius or even any special skills to set up a Twitter account, or a presence on Facebook or Google Plus. That however is like saying that because you know how to drive you can take part in the Indianapolis 500. The latter requires having specific skills, talents and a special mental make up and that’s exactly how creating a social media strategy is different from creating social media accounts.

The fair question here is to ask exactly what’s required for a company, a start-up, a small business or even an individual to become a social media force to be reckoned with. Although the process is usually fairly complex, I will simplify it here into three essential elements.

In this Online Marketing Help podcast we look at just what three things you need to put in place in order to start developing the Social Media Mindset necessary for success in the world of social media. Best-selling SEO and Social Media Marketing author, David Amerland, explains.

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