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My day started this morning with someone sharing an inspiring poster on Google Plus which said:

Google was late to search
Facebook was late to social networking
Apple was late to the MP3 player

Where would they be if they listened to everyone who said they were too late?

It’s never too late. Just do it better.

Well, it is inspiring and, as it happens, it is also misleading. Yes, on the face of it Google, Facebook and Apple brought a BETTER product into the market, and they did, but that was not what helped them dominate it.

In last year’s podcast series I mentioned the importance of being different and I made a point of saying that 2012 is going to be the year of the Exceptional in social media marketing. The truth is that the need to be exceptional in business has been an imperative entrepreneurs have known all along.

In this Online Marketing Help podcast we look at just what you need to do so that your business stands a better chance of success. Best-selling SEO and Social Media Marketing author, David Amerland, explains.

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