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We kick off this first podcast of the year by looking at names for your online business and ventures. 2012 is going to be a tough year with the global economy still uncertain. While this will most certainly affect the availability of business loans and financial support from banks, as far as business is concerned it really is ‘business as usual’. Whatever the market may be doing and whatever happens to the global economy and even to any local currency the fact remains that people need services and they need products.

Provided your business plan is sound and you are in business because you have something to offer for which there is a real need, then the only way to fail is to stop working on the success of your business. In this podcast we will examine names. The name you give to your business and the name you give to specific sections of your business is crucial because of SEO and Social Media Marketing.

If we take, for example, a brand new business, selling practical business books which decides to call itself ‘The Book Business’ its name will increase both its SEO costs and make it difficult to brand through social media channels. This is a 21st century problem. In the past the name of a business was important, certainly, in terms of marketing and publicity and every entrepreneur wanted to have a business with a catchy name because that simply made it easy to remember but it was not crucial in terms of the marketplace.

In this Online Marketing Help podcast we look at just what you need to do so that if you are starting a new business or even if you have an already established one and want to add new sections to its marketing, it will work better for you. Best-selling SEO and Social Media Marketing author, David Amerland, explains.


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