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In what is the final podcast of the year for the SEO Made Easy series of podcasts we look at an incident regarding Google search and the reputation of a French company which resulted in Google being fined in court and having to intervene to censor its index.

This is weird because first it happened just at the end of the year, traditionally a time for weird things to happen and secondly it is not the first time this has happened to Google in France. If nothing else it shows the huge chasm which exists between the clear understanding of the ideology and capability of technology that those who work online have, and the corresponding notion of the same in the hidebound, quintessentially Luddite institutions we rely upon to shore up our social structures.

Am I being a little jaded here? Yes, I will admit I am. I have spent most of the day reading galley proofs of my latest book on social media and following the Occupy Wall Street movement (here’s their official vide below). I have posted a fuller analysis of this and its implications, on the Social Media News section.


It really pains me that we go to such great lengths to create a more balanced world. We use technology to improve on what we have and create a better basis from which to face the future and there can still be judicial bodies (of all things[!]) which fail to grasp the inherent democracy of the web.

Well, 2012 is certainly promising to be an interesting year in the full sense of the word. I will be coming back with an entirely new format of podcasts focusing on the use of social media and SEO for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Be sure to continue following up on these and send in your emails, as always.