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SEO is hard enough to confuse more people than it helps, which is why many webmasters often find it convenient to outsource it rather than make it part of the work required to make their websites successful. I have nothing against outsourcing SEO provided you do it with a reputable SEO agency or an SEO consultant, and you, as the website owner, work closely with them so that their work and yours become part of an integrated whole designed to help your website succeed in search.

If you cannot, clearly articulate why you are in business then the chances are you cannot  articulate what it is that makes your business unique. In order to start your SEO efforts and begin your social media marketing you really need to have your unique selling point clearly in your mind and from your mind transfer it to your SEO and social media marketing efforts.

In this SEO Made Easy podcast we look at the starting point for all your SEO and social media marketing efforts.


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