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There is a lot of focus on social media marketing at the moment and certainly, here on this blog, I devote a lot of attention to it because it is a game changer in many different ways. When it comes to marketing however and making headway in the online world search is definitely the way to go.

There are a lot of technical reasons which make this a no-brainer but the one I will focus on the most so it is easy to understand is the longevity of social media marketing efforts. Do something, anything, which is SEO-related, and do it well and you will not only see a tangible return for your efforts but you will continue to do so, long after the initial effort is over.

Social media marketing is a lot easier to ‘get’ than SEO and certainly it is easier to understand as a subject right from the word go. It is, however, also a lot shorter lived and it tends to lock you into repeating cycles of activity which will bring diminishing returns unless you can find ways to increase their social media reach and impact through novel methods of integrated outreach.

In this SEO Made Easy podcast we look at how social media and search differ and why, if you are running on a tight budget or are short of marketing time, SEO will always give you a better return for your efforts than social media marketing. Best-selling SEO and Social Media Marketing author, David Amerland, explains.


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