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Gazing into the crystal ball of SEO and seeing what lies ahead is something I do every year. The year that’s almost passed has seen some of the most sweeping changes in SEO practices to date and you’d think this would make the job of guessing what lies ahead a little harder.

It’s not. As a matter of fact guessing what lies ahead for 2012 for SEO is probably the easiest it’s been for some time now, thanks to three Google initiatives which are beginning to bear fruit. Personalisation, Localisation and Socialisation is the triumvirate ruling over SEO land at the moment. SEO companies are busy helping many of their clients reposition themselves and many webmasters busy optimising their websites are probably, right now, beginning to take into account the increased weighting given by Google to each of these.

Which one you choose to throw your weight behind will always be the direct result of the kind of business you are in and the kind of website you have. The thing with SEO is that being forewarned always works so, irrespective of all the other pressures being put upon your online business get your thinking cap on and decide which best applies to you and how you are going to use it.

In this SEO Made Easy podcast we look at some of the SEP predictions made for 2012 and how they can help your website succeed in organic search. Best-selling SEO and Social Media Marketing author, David Amerland, explains.


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