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It is perhaps necessary to start this post by explaining that the Panda SEO update represents quite a significant change for both SEOs and webmasters. It therefore also needs different handling to anything we have done to date.

The Panda update gives Google a number of metrics which are designed to sensitize its machine-logic algorithm the behave in a more intelligent manner which emulates to quite a high degree, the human element in website assessment.

To do this Google has not created a much more intelligent search engine, yet, but it has created a search engine which analyses and utilises existing human intelligence through the accumulation of online data from human source points.

What this means in the plainest of English is that Google accumulates data from the way human visitors to its search and to your website, behave, and uses that data to, eventually, make an assessment of whether your website is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The result of this is that Google search is improving in quality. There is still a margin of error and many websites which do not deserve to have been penalized by experiencing a drop in traffic.

There are things you can do and though there is a very complicated theory governing them the practical nature of what you have to do is simple enough. I have detailed in a resource in this website’s SEO Resources section where a number of SEO and Marketing tools will start to appear soon.

I have taken the decision to price these very competitively at just $2.99 as a reflection of the fact that each of these, after purchase, will usually require considerable investment in time and energy to implement correctly and creating a much higher price threshold is not part of the philosophy which lies behind HelpMySEO.

Get the Panda SEO Health check, apply the steps it details and watch your site recover its former ranking in Google search. In this SEO Made Easy podcast we look at what can be done to help webmasters improve their websites after the Google Panda update. Best-selling SEO and Social Media Marketing author, David Amerland, explains.

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