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You’d never dream of driving a car or flying a plane wearing a blindfold and yet many webmasters have no problem running their websites this way. Whether you are engaged in carrying out search engine optimisation (SEO) work or social media marketing for your website you need to know how it’s going and where you are heading and if you should make any adjustments.

The ‘On a Wing and  a Prayer’ approach to online marketing is exactly the point where many a webmaster comes unglued. And yet the solution to this is surprisingly simple and very common-sense driven and very easy to implement.

A Google Analytics account is free to get and free to install and now with the Google Analytics' real time update you could even track social media marketing campaigns (and even individual Tweets)

In this SEO Made Easy podcast we look at how there is an easy way to maintain track of activity and marketing on your website. Best-selling SEO and Social Media Marketing author, David Amerland, explains.  



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