The use of search engine optimisation tactics (SEO) and any other kind of online marketing and social media marketing, in order to succeed really need to have some kind of sustainable consistency and for this you need focus.

Focus is like BO. Not even your best friend wants to talk to you about it (or lack of it) and yet it is crucial to your business success. I have seen large companies stumble badly and falter as their focus relaxed or waned because no one was there to help them sustain it or (worse) no one thought it was necessary to.

I have seen very small outfits walk away with massive success and profits because they managed to maintain the focus they needed to make things work for them.

Because SEO and Social Media Marketing are only tools in order to be used correctly need you to know how you can make sure your focus on what you are doing, and why, does not wane. Best-selling SEO and Social Media Marketing author, David Amerland, explains.  

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