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One question which comes up again and again in relation to social media marketing and SEO is just how can you use your efforts on these fronts to get ahead of your competition.

The answer is a lot more straightforward than you might think. Before you even get to SEO and Social Media Marke4ting you should have a totally clear grasp of who you are, what you are doing and why. There has to be a mission statement and a slogan which illustrate just why you are in business.

The process is the same irrespective of whether you are an author, a blogger, a one-man outfit or a massive multi-national corporation. If you cannot deliver on that front the chances are that your message will get lost and that your staff, yourself and your potential customers will have no idea why they should even do business with you.

SEO and Social Media Marketing are tools which in order to be used correctly need you to have a clear direction to follow. In this SEO Made Easy podcast, best-selling SEO and Social Media Marketing author, David Amerland, explains.  


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