The value of Hangouts on Air (HOAs) really shows itself when you get a HOA like this where Carlos Fernandes, Bill Slawski, Ammon Johns and yours truly got together to discuss semantic search.

What was different in this HOA is that we’re all living and breathing in this space and have been for a long time. Bill Slawski runs the SEO By The Sea website where he has exhaustively covered almost every Google patent there is to know about. Ammon Johns has been involved with search ever since there was search worth talking about and Carlos Fernandes is one of the founders of the ISOOSI research engine.

The traditional rule of thumb goes that when you have a lot of wattage in a room everyone tries to outshine everyone else so friction increases and the value of the insights correspondingly drops, unless, that is, you get something like this. Having never physically met each other before, being in different countries and timezones but having interacted with or come across each other’s posts in Google+ many times, the synch was such that the friction was zero. When that happens (and it’s unique to the Google+ culture in my experience) the value of the insights increase exponentially.

Whether we talked about branding and marketing and semantic search or Ammon John’s incredibly accurate assessment of Google’s vision and the direction it is taking the conversation veered seamlessly from practical and actionable to conceptual and strategic and back again.

Watch it. Enjoy.