In a Hangout On Air where I agreed not to discuss marketing, SEO, semantic search or branding, we ended up having what is perhaps one of the most poignant HOAs of the year where we ended up talking Walking Dead.

The Hangout on Air was organized by Carolyn Capern and Greg Trujillo and it was attended by Mia Voss amongst others. The discussion was light but inevitably very real. You just can’t talk Zombie Apocalypse and the world ending without getting into relationship building, authenticity, trust and what is it that ultimately makes us human.

All the things, in short, that on the social media stage go into branding, marketing, relationship building and entity creation in semantic search. I can’t remember the last time a TV show touched upon points that affect sociology, psychology and semantic search. That this one has is not just an indication of how TV programming is getting better, it is also an indication of how search is now way more than just what happens on the web. Art, life and one imitating the other and the reverse, are now very much part of our reality. Online and offline are fusing. The imaginary and the real are edging closer.

Catch the video for the full Hangout On Air experience.