A book is nothing but a launching platform. It’s there to answer some questions, ask some fresh questions and by its having been written (and read) provide new answers that will lead to new questions.

If all that sounds like an exercise in futility rest assured it isn’t. It’s a madcap dance of backwards and forwards steps that ultimately drive us forward. Writing Google+ Hangouts for Business I had to take all this into consideration as I put the book together.

My recent Hangout on Air (HOA) with Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen both of Stone Temple Consulting and Ronnie Bincer did not just talk about my book, it focused on many of the reasons why we use Hangouts as a communication tool.

We are at the beginning of a communication revolution. If you consider the telephone made skyscrapers viable by freeing up interior space that would have been taken up by elevator shafts for commercial use, there is no telling what impact HOAs will have on the real world. It may be that airlines will see a dramatic drop in business bookings. We might communicate more and more and more, making instantaneous video connection a norm that will undermine the telephone itself.

Whichever way it goes it certainly is very exciting to be diving in at this very early stage. The Hangout below covers a lot of ground and as usual, Eric, Mark and Ronnie bring an incredibly well-informed perspective to bear.