This is a timely discussion that revolves around several issues: CEO performance and requirements, the erosion of trust equity experienced by large organizations and the challenge of becoming personal and personable with a rapidly evolving consumer base.

The conversation was kick-started by my article on Forbes about CEOs who blog (and get it wrong) and an intelligent response penned by NetApp’s David Gingell who asked should CEO’s blog at all?

David Gingell is playing devil’s advocate here (the irony that he blogged to ask the question is not lost on him, or me) but his question is serious. We expect CEOs to be many things today and there is real pressure upon them to deliver. Blogging and social media dabbling seems to be the least of the activities they should be judged on, except that we do live in a social media world.

Catch the video for a flavour of the full discussion and the points that were made.