Interior Design is arguably one of the most complex business to crack. It has a strong structured component to it and a very distinct artistic element that are fused to create a seamless whole.

The elements that work here can be applied to a great many other industries and business sectors:

•    A need to understand the uniqueness of that an interior designer does
•    The labor-intensive challenge of working in Google+
•    The challenge of finding time to market oneself digitally

Over an hour spent with Laurie Laizure, Susan Serra and Jeffrey Johnson who moderate the Interior Design Community on Google+ we discussed:

•    The challenge of choosing personal and professional content to post
•    The need to create a digital identity that is not only business
•    The chain of events that leads to serendipitous discovery in search
•    The nuance of personal connections on the web
•    The building of trust and reputation
•    The challenge of being authentic and still making a living

Check out the video for the Hangout-On-Air (HOA).

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