When we explore what it truly means to be intentional in our approach to life and living we are, essentially, asking what does it take to be a good person. The answer is a lot harder than the question. It is, however, far from impossible.

In this video you get two basic rules you can apply no matter who you are or what your particular circumstances are, that will help you be a better person. The basic thing to keep in mind is that if you are not sure just how good a person you actually are. If you are not certain whether you fall into the category of "good" or "bad" or even manage to land somewhere in between which is the space most of us tend to inhabit, that is not the result of a personal failing, nor is it something that cannot be overcome. 

Usually, we are not sure exactly what effect our actions have on others because we haven't quite understood the impact and consequences those actions have. We haven't paused to consider quite where we are heading in our life journey, and why. No one ever sets out to be a bad person in life. Bad actions are usually the result of deep personal hurt, misunderstandings and poor judgement. Things which we can all be guilty of some time. 

So having a couple of handy guidelines in mind is useful because it protects us from our self and it protects others from our worst mistakes. 

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