Semantic search, branding, marketing, best practices and ground-breaking news: these are Hangouts On Air where all this is discussed, explored and quantified. David Amerland is a guest speaker and, occasionally, a presenter.

The Sniper Mind book interview where we talk snipers (of course), brain, decisions, systems and how we motivate ourselves. 

In what is a very short introduction to a very complex subject I discuss AI, Rankbrain and the constant evolution of search. There will be a lot more coming on this subject in the next few months ahead so stay tuned. 

What does it even mean we use the buzz words to "humanize marketing"? Marketing is done by people, for people. It is not performed by machines. Yet it is performed in a way that deprecates human values and creates a disconnect.

This was an involved, targeted discussion that took into account a great many variables that impact upon businesses today. Do check the video out and for practical steps you can implement right away that will help improve your search marketing and branding check out SEO Help: 20 Semantic Search Steps that will Help Your Business Grow.


The title of this post will only make sense if you watch the Hangout On Air. Organised by Peter Lunn and Kath Dawson it features Martin Shervington, Amy Harrison, James Dearlsey and yours truly in a round table discussion of everything Google+, marketing and digital. Oh, it also happened to be an all-British Hangout On Air (which does not always happen). 

Check it out: