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Semantic search, branding, marketing, best practices and ground-breaking news: these are Hangouts On Air where all this is discussed, explored and quantified. David Amerland is a guest speaker and, occasionally, a presenter.

Artificial Intelligence in SEO

In what is a very short introduction to a very complex subject I discuss AI, Rankbrain and the constant evolution of search. There will be a lot more coming on this subject in the next few months ahead so stay tuned. 

Building Consumer Trust and a Positive Customer Experience


The DrivingSales Executive Summit (DSES 2015) in Las Vegas, provided the opportunity to witness, first hand some awesome people doing really good work. Through ahighly structured approach that delivers consistency DrivingSales is helping the automotive industry transition to the 21st century. Check out the link here for more. 

Humanizing marketing in the 21st century market place

What does it even mean we use the buzz words to "humanize marketing"? Marketing is done by people, for people. It is not performed by machines. Yet it is performed in a way that deprecates human values and creates a disconnect.

This was an involved, targeted discussion that took into account a great many variables that impact upon businesses today. Do check the video out and for practical steps you can implement right away that will help improve your search marketing and branding check out SEO Help: 20 Semantic Search Steps that will Help Your Business Grow.


Semantic Search Optimization Tips Discussed on a Google+ Hangout

We have been discussing semantic search online for some time now. Google Semantic Search kicked off the ‘conversation’ even before Google’s Hummingbird was a thing.

The abiding question when it comes to webmasters is: “What should I be doing, now?” Semantic search has made SEO harder by, paradoxically, making it easier. When the optimization of a website depended on understanding the impact of very specific technical things, all you had to do was find out what those ‘things’ were and apply them.

Semantic search has taken the dependence on technical SEO away. We now talk about ‘soft’ optimization vectors such as quality and the end-user experience and Trust, Authority and Expertise (those darned Google human raters’ guidelines again). 

So, how do you start? Exactly? Watch the video and the answers are there.  

Social Media Today #SMTPowerTalk No. 6

The Social Media Today #SMTPowerTalk series has never failed to deliver valuable insights each time. This one was exceptional. Lee Smallwood founder of NOD3X.com and Ammon Johns of ammonjohns.com are both veteran marketers with a longtime experience of what works and what doesn’t.

The magic of Hangouts On Air is that each one is unique. It is the synthesis of the moment, circumstances, background, participants, the host (yours truly in this case) and the audience. The fact that this Hangout was also hosted through the Social Media Today pages was one more valuable variable thrown in the mix. Both Lee and Ammon gelled. The audience produced some invaluable questions and the insights started coming one after the other.

Watch the video below for the complete Hangout On Air.

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