The Social Media Mind 

Social media is transforming the world. It does that through hyper-connectivity, radical transparency and a new relationship-driven approach on the web.
For business it is a huge challenge. For individuals it represents a transition. 
The Social Media Mind shows you the ropes. It helps explain what’s new and why it works and what doesn’t and why.

You find out:

- Why some social media campaigns fail and not others
- Why social media is such a huge challenge
- How the marketplace is changing
- What social customers want
- Where the social media world is heading towards

It contains no jargon, conversational English throughout and some practical examples of social media marketing that works to help you better craft your own. Drawn from practical examples and events that have redrawn the way we do business, research and legislation this is your jumping off point into the social media world of tomorrow.  

The eBook version of this book is available for Android Tablets and phones, Nook format (from Barnes & Noble) and Kindle from Amazon. If you buy from Amazon but do not have a Kindle, Amazon handily supplies a cloud player where you can read the eBooks you purchase. Most, but not all, of my books, can be signed electronically. If you would like a personalized autograph, from me, point your browser at Authorgraph, pick the title you want and send in a request.

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