Cohesion and interconnectedness

Trying to answer a nonsensical question about space Chad Orzel does a brilliant job describing Newtonian Physics, Quantum Electrodynamics and Relativity theory.

The physical world (and, by association, Physics) provide a first-hand means of understanding the nature of objective reality. We need to try and understand that in order to comprehend how things are connected and, then, how they work.

Our understanding of that, usually, determines how we think and feel and, then, act.

This is important because, at times of great uncertainty, being able to work from things we do understand and can calculate gives us the means necessary to handle the unknown and stop from freezing in our tracks from the fear we feel.

The fact that we can handle the seemingly incalculable and unknowable, understand the seemingly invisible and overcome the seemingly impossible suggests that there is an interconnectivity in everything that only becomes apparent when we let go of the perception that limits us. Perception, then is not reality, and its limits, in themselves, can be enlightening as BASEgirl, Clair Marie, makes abundantly clear in her TED Talk.

We know that the world is interconnected. We know that the interconnection is transformational in its effects. We intuitively, deep down, understand that everything is connected at levels we can’t yet fathom. But we conveniently forget that when faced with the complexity of calculating it all and shy away from taking it into account.

There are deep implications here, both for the fact that these interconnections, subtle as they may be, have discernible, real-world effects, and for our own willingness to shy away from it all and pretend the world is simple. Our motivation to do anything, depends upon our perception of its worth to us in the schema of the world at large and our place in it.

This is why our comprehension of how the world works is so important. This is why knowledge is empowering.

At the time of writing this we’re in the middle of a global pandemic which, by some accounts, will be as disruptive and devastating as a world war. How we come out of it will require two things: our ability to look past our differences and pull together and our willingness to expand the horizons of our perception and understand more about the world.

Coffee unites us. Donuts, croissants, cookies and chocolate cake power us. Have an awesome Sunday, wherever you are.

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