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Back in 2014 I wrote a post about connections, processes and our sense of the real that raised some pretty interesting questions.

It’s five years since that one and reality, we now know, is not quite what we think it is. For a start; we know it’s a construct created out of our own perception which is the filter through which we interpret the facts reported by our senses. As such it can be shaped and it can be changed If it can be changed it gives us the opportunity to achieve the outcomes we want despite adversarial consequences.

The idea that reality may be just information and what really happens to us may depend upon how we choose to interpret it has found some ground amongst physicists. Physics, as the name suggests, deals with the building blocks of the universe which underpin what we think is real. As such, recently, it is coming out with some pretty interesting if somewhat still speculative, ideas.

Some see this as the hijacking of Physics by an anti-realist movement. The truth is that as our technology continues to evolve we are acquiring more and more sensitive tools that now report data that doesn’t quite tally up with what we intuitively see and feel.

Reality then may be a hallucination. We know it is a construct.

The practical reasons all this is important lie in the relatively simple premise behind The Sniper Mind that ultimately we are responsible for the outcomes we get through our actions, which are guided by our decisions and choices which reflect our beliefs and values.

The brain works in complex but now, better understood, ways. When we understand how something works we can devise different ways to improve it. Improving on our cognitive performance requires everything we have: physical health, emotional control, analytical skills, memory, learning, social skills, networking, identity curation and self-reflection; and the list is far from exhaustive.

The point is that we are responsible for who we become. But for that to happen we really need to understand who we are, how we got here. Where we want to go to next. Why. Then work out how. It requires honesty. Honesty with one self requires a determined expenditure of mental, emotional and psychological energy and moving, at least for a while, into a zone of discomfort.

We are biologically inclined to avoid it.

There is no shortcut. Either we get to be comfortable with discomfort. Or we will end up, at some point, feeling we’ve wasted all the chances we have ever had.

I know you’re not the kind of people who waste chances. So, coffee then. Check. Donuts. Check. Croissants, cookies and chocolate cake. Check. Have an awesome Sunday wherever you are.

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