David Amerland
The very first Sunday Read and how it all started


When it comes to morning coffee and a deep read G+ is one unparalleled environment. It combines everything a good Sunday paper should be with the added value of interactivity, further serendipitous discoveries and the excitement of meeting new people and sharing views with them.

In G+, of course, the reading comes courtesy of our social connections and today there is a truly mind-expanding selection to go through (I hope you have some coffee and biscuits at hand) Heidi Bouman and +John Dietrich got the ball rolling with a discussion on Quantum Computing where it’s worth checking out the comments and dive deeper in Google’s and NASA’s Quantum AI lab. And round it off with Omar Loisel's post on quantum computing.

If that is not yet mind-stretching enough consider Lacerant Plainer's piece on life after the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle and what it really means and yep, we will most probably need to rethink like, everything.

And finish off with Buddhini Samarasinghe's seminal piece on health and the hallmarks of cancer part 1, part 2 and part 3 and join the discussion there.

Best of all, all of this is free, the knowledge just keeps flowing and the connections we make here only get better.

Have a great Sunday.


Origins: Everything needs to start, somehow, from somewhere. And it needs to have a reason. I used to start Sundays with G+, diving in to see what I missed, catching up with discussions and following arguments as they developed. My own fascination with all this plus the fact that I would start Sundays with Coffee, G+ and something sweet (in that order) was the seed that prompted The Sunday Read to be born. Original post on G+ still worth checking out because of the conversation that happens there

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