Two clever tools help make your Twitter marketing a lot less time-consuming and much more aligned with your Twitter audience usage patterns.
When it comes to social media marketing SEO is not far behind. You know you need to socialise the content you put in your website and you know that the socialisation of that content has an important impact on your SEO. 


Naturally you reach out to Twitter, integrate a Tweet-Me button on your website and because you know that no matter how many followers you have on Twitter you can only ever hope to reach a maximum of seven per cent at any one time, you Tweet your content frequently.


The trouble is that if you are running a business (which is why you are probably reading this) time is always against you. Running a business is hard enough without having to remember to hit that Tweet button frequently and yet that is exactly what you need to do if you are serious about your Twitter followers being kept informed about your activities.

Automating the process is not just about removing it from your social media marketing chore list however. In order to have a good chance of getting the most out of your Twitter marketing it’s not enough to “just do it” you also need to know when it’s the best time to do it.

Galloping to the rescue of this little problem are two handy desktop apps that do just the trick. The first one is SocialBro a handy app with some tremendously powerful functionality when it comes to Twitter. The promotional video below explains it a little:

Basically SocialBro allows you to determine not just the geographic breakdown of your Twitter community but also gauge its reciprocity (i.e. who is following you back), find out who are your most responsive followers, who are most active and who have not posted anything for months. It is, in short, the kind of Twitter analytics tool you wish you had when you first started using the microblogging site to market through. Of crucial importance to your marketing here is the ability to find the best time to Tweet so that you get engagement and re-Tweeting, both activities which help increase the reach of your Tweet and the power of your brand.

The second is a lot simpler in terms of functionality but without it the first is next to useless. It’s called Buffer and it comes as a site plugin (you will notice it is integrated in the social sharing tools on this site), a browser plugin or a website profile (known as dashboard).

Buffer is a simple idea. It allows you to choose the web pages you want to market and load them onto Buffer to Tweet at the times of your choosing. This means that if you happen to have a strong US following on Twitter and you live and work in the UK, you can now Tweet the content you want to share without having to stay up half the night.

Both tools are free to download and use. Buffer has extended functionality you can unlock but whether you will want to pay (it only costs $10 per month) for it will depend exactly upon the benefits you get from it. Certainly, the monthly fee is far from bank-breaking and the extended functionality may be a complete deal-clincher.

By integrating these two tools in your online marketing you suddenly give your online business the kind of boost it needs to make your social media marketing more targeted and likely to provide real results and you are likely to lose a little less sleep.

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