Gotham City's Dark Knight is an exemplary social media marketer
Whether you are a fan of the gravelly voiced, enigmatic, self-proclaimed protector of Gotham, or a critic who thinks he is no more than a psychopathic vigilante walking a tightrope just this side of the law, you have to admit that he is hard to ignore. And that is exactly why this lesson in social media marketing comes straight from the Caped Crusader himself.

01. Know the Rules of Engagement. Batman has a clear modus operandi when it comes to engagement. Unlike any other super-hero he has no special powers and he never kills those who attack him. He knows exactly how far to go, what to do and what lines he will not cross so when he engages friends, or foes, there is never any misapprehension on his part. 

02. Work on your Branding. From the gravelly voice to the famous cape and the bat-signal lighting up the sky Batman has taken a flying rodent that lives in caves and is hardly seen by anyone and turned it into a potent symbol of law and justice. And he’s achieved that by working on his branding at every chance. His car is called the bat-mobile, his boomerang is the baterang and even his cave is the bat-cave. The moment you mention the words ‘The Bat’ everyone in Gotham knows what you mean.

03. Be Consistent in your message. Consistency is perhaps Batman’s greatest strength. It does not matter who you are, if you have broken the law he will go after you. It does not matter how dangerous the situation is, if you are at risk, he will come to save you. It does not matter how evil you are, he will go to great lengths to not kill you. This allows Batman to work on his brand in a way that makes him well-known by friends and foes alike. Such is the potency of this consistent approach that he is even openly admired by those who hate him.

04. Create partnerships. Despite being a loner Batman works hard to develop partnerships. He cultivates criminal contacts which he can shake down for information to help him solve bigger crimes and he has worked hard to establish rapport with the Gotham City Police department, through Commissioner Gordon and even talks to the Press. Partnerships allow Batman to be more effective at what he does and increase the power of his brand.

05. Create social value. Despite his obsessive need to rid Gotham of criminals Batman has community value and social value in mind. For him the primary objective is the safety of Gotham’s communities and he works hard to help every community in Gotham become more safety aware.

These are the five easy steps which took Batman from zero to hero. Apply them to your social media marketing and while you may not end up jumping across Gotham’s rooftops you will find that they make your social media marketing much easier to implement.

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