Google Plus allows you to format the way your posts look in the news stream. As a result you have the opportunity to increase the visual impact of what you post there.

If, like me, there were times when you posted a comment on Facebook and wished that you could somehow make words bold, use italics or have the ability to use strikethrough, your prayers have been answered.

Google+ offers the ability to actually format your posts for maximum reading effect as well as in terms of SEO (it’s worth remembering that everything you publicly post in Google + is now indexed by Google in less than an hour).

So how do you do it exactly?

Well, easy enough. Google+ has its own mark up language, currently limited to three types of format: Bold, Italics and Strikethrough. To create any of these and make your post (long, or short) stand out all you have to do is put some special characters at the beginning and end of the content you want to format:

Bold is created by asterisks: *content*

Italics are created by underscore: _italics_

Strikethrough is created by dashes: -strikethrough-

The image below shows you just what it looks like: 

The Google Plus Mark Up language allows you to format your Google Plus posts.

It really is that simple which also means you need to use it carefully when it comes to posting content on the Google plus network. Here are a few guidelines:

  • Do not overuse formatting – the whole point of being able to do it is that it allows you to draw attention to important things you post.
  • Choose your layout carefully – bolding an entire post, for instance, becomes ridiculous and makes no contribution to its value.
  • Be clever – you only have three formatting options available to you. Their clever use can impart, value, draw attention where it should and even engender humour.

Follow these easy guidelines and you will see the attention given to your posts become a lot higher.