There are three basic SEO steps you should take to help create a better SEO and Online Marketing Strategy for your website.

When it comes to SEO it always helps to have clear steps in mind of what you should be doing. These steps help to then guide the processes that you should have in place as part of your regular SEO routine.

When it comes to achieving better rankings on search there are three SEO elements you really should be focusing on.

01. Localization. Google search is favouring relevance to local searches. If your website is not sufficiently optimized to take advantage of local search results you are missing out on a significant chunk of traffic which could help deliver more business directly to your door. Localization is not a passing fad. Google’s focus on creating greater relevancy in its search results is a trend that’s unrelenting in focus and seeing how nothing can be more relevant than finding out what products and services are available at your doorstep with just a click or two, localization will continue to be pivotal to search relevancy and to your online business.

02. Personalization. Google is a data driven company and its core business is amassing and curating data. In plain speak this means yours, and mine, web browsing history collected anonymously and filtered through an algorithm which determines relevancy for particular search results. To take advantage of Google’s personalized search results and have your website appear higher, naturally, in search engines you need to have in place a social marketing campaign (which is our third step here) which will allow your website to appear in the personal preferences of its potential online visitors. This means you need to take into account content-creation strategies which address very specific concerns your online visitors may have. This means that your content has to have real value and that you need to have a very clear understanding of how you target online visitors and why.

03. Socialization. The social media marketing of your website is the inevitable third step from step two: creating a personalized approach to online marketing. A website’s social media presence, these days, is taken into account by search engines through several different metrics (or cues) in order to decide the website’s ranking in organic search, so if you are not active through social media channels you will find it difficult to rank in search organically (which means you will end up paying more in online ad costs to compensate). Social media marketing, just like content creation, requires a consistent strategy in order to work.


Put these three in place and you will find that SEO becomes something you are actually good at.

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