Google’s +1 Button Becomes Integrated in Google+

It hasn’t taken long for Google to integrate the power of its Google +1 button into its Google+ social network.

Google+ project team developer, Timothy Jordan, explains in the video at the end of this post just how it works and how easy it is to use.

As you can see from the picture I have posted above the integration of the Google +1 button takes an action which in the past helped rankings in search (+1’ed results appeared to get a little extra juice) and now integrates it in social media sharing by allowing your +1 to show in your Google+ results and also to be actually shared by specific circles (or all your circles) right from the page.


Here's a page of HelpMySEO which demonstrates the ease with which I can now socially integrate the content of it and share it with specific circles on my Google+ network.

In terms of functionality this is familiar territory: this is the Facebook ‘Like’ button with extra seasoning and better cooking in a new, improved recipe – the Google way – version. What it means for you as a webmaster. Lots of things and they are all hugely important:

1. Improve your site’s rankings in search - Google+ is beginning to filter into search results and affect the ranking of websites. Google trialled it with Social Search first, they have plans to bring it into Real Time Search and it is also beginning to feed cues in the rankings of mainstream Google search results.

2. Get more organic traffic to your site – Socially shared content means more exposure. This leads to more eyeballs which lead to more clicks which leads to more human visitors to your website.

3. Boost your social media marketing – even if you have no social media marketing campaign in place (and really you should), the new functionality of the Google +1 button makes it easy to create a social media marketing stream simply by going to your website’s page, clicking on the Google +1 button and sharing the content of that page with some of your Google+ circles or the public.

What do you have to do to make all this happen? It’s really easy. Go to any page on your website where you have the Google +1 button installed. Click on it. Share the content on Google+. Do it correctly, do not just spam the network. Find who could benefit the most and start with them first. Set yourself the task of doing this for one – two pages each day. Ask your friends to do it. That’s it, you’ve just become a social media marketer! (Before I get a lot of emails from social media marketers, I know there is a lot more to it than this, but this is a good beginning and for a new webmaster it cannot get any easier).

Now, time to watch the video: