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Trust is a fundamental quality that underpins every transactional exchange we undertake. Scholars have struggled to define trust and the way it operates for a long time. In the age of Big Data we have the analytical tools to see how trust works in different contexts, what makes it happen in the first place and what we can do to build better relationships and more trustworthy environments and businesses both online and offline.  This is a trust resource page that accompanies the book: The Tribe That Discovered Trust: How Trust is Created, Propagated, Lost and Regained in Commercial Interactions. There will be constant updates to this page and more downloadable resources for you to use in your business. 


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Links to articles:

The Cost of Losing Trust: The very public case of Volkswagen NOx emissions scandal shows just what damage can be sustained by a company that has betrayed the trust extended to it by its public.

Why Do We Trust Money? Our relationship with money is a peculiar one. It transcends geographic and ideological boundaries to create behavioral models that are universal, and in doing so it raises a unique paradox. 

Semantic Search and Trust: Trust lies at the very heart of every relationship so it is no surprise to see it becoming key to semantic search. 

The Trust Issue Trust is a human quality. It underpins every real relationship because only real relationships formed between people can hope to create and enjoy a sense of trust. One business entity working with another will never enjoy a sense of trust. 

Trust and the Question of Invisible Forces: Trust is not an issue, until it is, and that’s exactly what makes it such a volatile quantity. 

Trust and the Attention Economy: Trust is how you monetize the attention economy. There are many different ways to make trust work for your online business. 

How to Make Your Business be Trusted: An online business that cannot generate trust is dead in the water. Yet trust is difficult to generate if you do not know what you are looking at when you look at website online visitor metrics. In this article we see exactly what it is that makes a website feel trustworthy and a business succeed in turning online visitors into customers.

The Trust Deficit: Thanks to the cumulative effect of legacy issues most businesses today suffer from a perceptual trust deficit they have to struggle to overcome.

It's a Trust Thing -  The world is changing in small but very important ways and the way we choose to trust others is one of them. This is part of a global movement where independent outlets and businesses are establishing a connection with their audience that's truly different. 

How Trust and Unique Identification Impact Semantic Search: An article that shows the key role trust plays in search and how all the proverbial dots begin to join together. 

The Three Things That Make a Brand Succeed (and the One thing that makes them possible): Trust is the gear upon which all marketing efforts run on and this article explains why. 

Trust and the Customer Service Experience: Video and text on my presentation at the DrivingSales Executive Summit (DSES 2015) in Las Vegas where over 1,000 delegates from the automotive industry gathered to discuss the changes that must be made in order for their industry to remain relevant in the 21st century. 

Happiness and Trust: Linking happiness and trust as a competitive advantage Denmark tops the Happiness Index of the world's happiest countries yet again. 

The Secret behind SEO: In a webinar organized by the Internet Marketing Academy we look at what makes SEO work, why marketing now needs to be done differently and how trust figures heavily in all of this, all the time. 

The Trust Project: Learn more about Google's initiative to bring trust to online journalism and ensure that news sources and news providers work to become trustworthy sources of information.

Building trust through the customer experience -  During a DrivingSales organized event, in Las Vegas, I explored the power of trust to create lasting relationships that make the customer journey more rewarding and help increase sales and profitability. 

World Economic Forum article - Trust is very much a focus of businesses everywhere it seems. This is a World Economic Forum article on three ways to build trust.

Bridging the trust gap: How Trust helps communities find commonalities and build ties.

Trust and Police Killings: Harvard sociologist, Matthew Desmond, joins one dot after another in a hard-hitting study that shows how the erosion of trust starts from perceptions and broken relationships between Police and citizens which then leads to the entire social construct being undermined.

Trust and blockchain: The use of decentralized forms of currency across the world shows just how trust is developed in traditionally low-trust environments and how people can learn to trust in a currency when traditional trust-mechanisms are either absent or tainted. 


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