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Search is changing. Semantic search includes aspects of branding, marketing and identity formation. In this section you will find information that will help you understand what's happening, how it affects you and what you can do to benefit from it. 

Will Facebook Ever Do Search Well?
Google Handwriting Input Changes Device Use
Video, Search and Entities
The Beginner's Guide to Semantic Search Terms
Reputation, Tourism, Semantic Search and Branding
The Economic Impact of Search
How Visitors Get to Your Website
Understanding Some of the Complexities of Semantic Search
Context, Smart Technology and Semantic Search
Facebook Graph Search Takes One More Step into the Semantic Web
Google Verifies Web Users Are Human (Great News for Website Owners)
How Google Cracked the Image Translation Problem (and why this will totally change the web)
How Your Twitter Activity Helps Your Visibility in Semantic Search
The Small Business Easy Guide to Semantic Search
Social Polls Now Part of Google+
How Search Engines Discover Who You Are in the Semantic Web (and why this matters to your business)
Designing Serendipity in Semantic Search
Five Steps To A Fully Semantic Web
Google’s Knowledge Vault is Semantic Search on Steroids
Encryption Becomes a Google Ranking Factor in Search
Sentiment Analysis in Semantic Search: Find Out What Others are Thinking About Your Brand
Semantic Search and Google Human Rater Quality Guidelines
How Semantic Search is Changing the Online Marketing Game
Visual Search and How it Affects your Marketing in a Semantic Web
Five Semantic Search Principles to Help Organize your Content and Marketing
Semantic Search and Disambiguation (How Search Gets Smarter)
Semantic Search – Three Basic Principles You Need to Know About
Ten Questions Content Creators Commonly Ask, Answered
How To Be Exceptional in your Marketing
How Google Will Know If You’re Lying

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