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Search is changing. Semantic search includes aspects of branding, marketing and identity formation. In this section you will find information that will help you understand what's happening, how it affects you and what you can do to benefit from it. 

Semantic Search Basics
Artificial Intelligence Will Change Marketing, Branding and Search
Google Throws A Wide AI Net
Google Search’s Star Trek Future (I/O 2016)
Search is a Critical Component of Artificial Intelligence
The Semantics of Google's Voice
Will VR Truly Change Anything?
An Intelligent Computer in Every Person's Pocket
How Semantic search Works: Lesson #3 - Data
Google’s Machine Learning Cracks World Recognition
How Semantic search Works: Lesson #2 – Validation
How Semantic Search Works - Lesson #1: Classification
How Google Search Gets Even Smarter
Making Reality Porous
Building Trust - Resource Page
Quantum Computing, Search and the Web
The Content Creation Trap (and how to avoid it)
How Semantic Technologies Work (and how your business can benefit from them)
How SEO Became Exciting
Contextual Search, AIs and Your Marketing
Trust and the Attention Economy
Instagram Search is a Sign of Things to Come
The New Marketing is Also the New SEO
How Google Learns to ‘See’ the Truth
Semantic Paint Makes Real-World 3D Labelling Child’s Play
Structured Data or a Structured Approach to Content? Making Choices for your Business
Millennials use Mobile More than Any Other Consumer Group
Google is the Remembrance Agent
What If Your Online Business Could Not Be Found?
“Content is King” says Facebook with Instant Articles

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