How not to market in Google+
I recently moved into a new neighbourhood. No one knew me there. So I started telling everyone I was a billionaire Wall Street Investor. I even had some business cards printed with that title and I would hand them out at every opportunity. Within a few days I had the whole neighbourhood knocking on my door, neighbours coming in with their $100K cheques asking me to wisely invest it for them. 

I know you that you know my account above holds about as much truth as Pravda’s political reportage during the height of the Cold War. But the reason we can both agree it is so obviously fake is because we know that the real world does not work like this. Which then makes it all the more strange that we would think the digital one does. 

How do I market in Google+? How much personal and how much professional content should I share? What should I tell people about my business? Are questions that crop up daily in the stream, in business community discussions and even some, ask them of me via email. 

Given the fact that how each of us behaves offline is subject to a complex combination of factors: our stage in life, our status, our professional achievements and aspirations, our character and our aims, plus our neighbourhoods, jobs and other experiences. In other words there is a certain amount of specificity in how we approach this that makes us all unique. 

Now marketing has changed. It has become personal. It is relationship driven. It requires a real connection to be made before any kind of transaction can take place. 
Google+ allows you to:

  • • Create posts that are intelligent with links included that help make sense
  • • Add great pictures to illustrate them
  • • Plusmention people starting a conversation when warranted
  • • Add video to your post if you feel like it
  • Format your Google+ post to make it look better
  • • Have a real conversation with detailed comments, right there, on the thread
  • • Communicate with others both in real time and asynchronously

You can do all that guided by the same principles that guide your offline behavior. The only difference is you now do it all online.  

So, really? How difficult is it to market in Google+ properly?