Moringa Connect empowers local farmers and helps fight poverty.

We all want to change the world. All the time. But it’s too big. It’s too complicated. And we all have a living to earn. Which is why change never happens. Or at least that’s how it was. In a hyper-connected world the ability to share information and see change happen changes many things. This is where Moringa comes in and meets some real, human ingenuity.

Moringa is a tree whose crop has so many applications that growers should have no problem finding markets, or feeding themselves. In the past those who were in most need of the knowledge and resources to take advantage of it, usually had neither and those who could possibly have helped them, lacked both the means and motivation.

That is not the world we live in any more. MoringaConnect is a project focused on helping rural farmers in Ghana to organically cultivate the Moringa tree and process 100% pure, cold-pressed moringa oil. Oil buffs will know that cold-press oil extraction produces superior quality results and significantly curs down on waste products and acidity within the oil.

The oil from the tree has a huge number of nutritious and health applications:

Health and nutritional applications of the moringa oil


Why Is All This Important?

Poverty is a condition made possibly by lack of opportunities. Eradicating it across the world does not require anything more than access to tools and knowledge. MoringaConnect, through its work in Ghana is changing real lives on the ground, through simple steps.

The global connectivity we enjoy enables us to witness this change and, at the same time, participate at a level that is comfortable to us, wherever we may be. Sometimes it can be just by sharing the information, increasing the visibility of the project and its impact and amplifying both. Or it can be by taking a real interest in it, getting involved deeper. Or by contributing to its crowdfunding helping it reach its goal by Christmas.

Even the simple sharing of an email can get a Moringa tree (with a certificate) named after you:

Here's how this works: From now until Christmas eve (2013), donate $10 OR tell 10 friends about us and we’ll plant a tree in your name!

Here’s how it works-
1. Visit our crowdfunding campaign page and donate $10 OR forward this e-mail to 10 friends
2. Send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. letting us know that you passed the link on to 10 people
3. We’ll send you a certificate like the one below thanking you for planting your tree and giving you some information about the farmer or community partner who will benefit from your tree. Tell them to send it on to 10 people and we'll plant a tree in their name. Perfect for last minute holiday shopping!

Connect with MoringaConnect on their G+ page and check out the Hangout On Air below for a little more information:


UPDATE - Christmas 2013: Thanks to the help of everyone who participated and the wide exposure their cause got MoringaConnect met their crowdfunding target raising the required $25,000 by Christmas Day 2013. They made an announcement on Christmas Day, at G+