Mr Hughes of Penketh High goes Gagnam Style

In the digital world there is no action without a reaction, no cause without effect. It is a truly fractal world where chaos dynamics (popularly known as the Butterfly Effect) are the norm.

How else to explain the fact that Korean music sensation, Psy’s, viral video that has created a mono-cultural background across the globe is now used to motivate 11 year students in Penketh High School to study hard enough to pass their exams?

The tenuous links that lead from a Korean parody of a rich neighbourhood to the green fields of Warrington and a High School whose Head is under pressure to retain and improve its standing in the National Curriculum League Tables is one that speaks volumes on the ability of social media to create a common frame of reference that uses the new social culture that arises as a currency of sorts.

When Mr Hughes promised his 11 year students that if they hit their performance targets he’d make a Gangnam Style video he probably wasn’t certain that either of these would happen. As they did, he had to come through and, seeing how Penketh High School is “one of the top media and the arts” schools in the country the production values of this one rival Psy’s.


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