Brian Kingrey won one million dollars playimg video games, thanks to the power of Google search.
If I told you that you could make a million dollars in two weeks, from home, using Google your scam-detection radar would go on overdrive. In most cases you would be right but here’s one scenario where one person, actually did just that.

Brian Kingrey, a 25-year-old music teacher in Hammond, L.A. did just that. The storyline is pretty simple: Brian bought of the MLB2K11 baseball simulation game that offered a $1 million cash price for the perfect game. Kingrey, a baseball virgin, had just a couple of weeks to come to grips with a game whose intrinsic complexity has frequently invited parallels to Zen practices such as archery and inherently psychological games, like golf. 

Eschewing the logical, get down and learn everything the hard way, route that would take years of practice Kingrey did what every thinking person in a similar situation would do today: he turned to Google.

Using his search skills and Google’s ability to index the web he found himself with the kind of analytics power at his fingertips that, in the past, would have been the exclusive purview of a baseball coach. The result can be seen in the video below:

The Power of Data Analysis

There are a few remarkable things in this event. First a 25-year-old music teacher who knew next to nothing about baseball managed to win a million dollar price in two weeks. Second, in order to compensate for his lack of knowledge of the game Kingrey used smarts, tackling the problem from the point of view of a data analysis project. It is the third thing however which is the true clincher here. Google’s indexing of the web places tremendous data right in front of our screens. All we have to do is be able to mine it in an intelligent way.

Kingrey made use of that third ability to transform himself from a hopeful MLB2K11 wannabe into a powerhouse of intelligently applied information. It was this Moneyball approach to the problem that enabled him to outperform people who are true baseball fans and who have been playing the game much, much longer without ever getting close to the results.

Big Data and Your Business

The true moral of this cute and admittedly inspiring story however is that the exact same approach the Brian Kingrey applied to win at a game he knew nothing about can also be applied to help you market your business better.

In a data-driven world where markets and customers evolve faster than anyone can successfully intuit data analysis should be the only aid used to make business decisions.

Kingrey’s formula was simple:

  1. Break the 'game' down into its component parts.
  2. Devise a strategy you think will get you where you want.
  3. Test and analyze.
  4. Study the key components.
  5. Research and understand.
  6. Collect data and apply it at actionable points.
  7. Repeat points 4 – 6 until you get there.

Even better, you can accomplish all your research and data analysis using nothing more than Google search and what’s inside your head. It really does not get any more disruptive than that.

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