Ernestine Shepherd proves what motivation can do
My favourite Buddhist quote is: “What we think, we become.” It is elegant, simple and yet packs a wallop. It challenges everything we traditionally know about limits and limitations. It challenges us to know ourselves better (like the Apollonian creed in the Delphic Oracle). It taunts us to prove it wrong by trying really hard to think about something we want to become and failing. It stings us like a thorn placed just under the skin which simply will not go away, niggling us with the thought that we may be the ones who sell ourselves short.

What has any of this to do with business and social media? Plenty! Take Ernestine Shepherd for instance. Conventional wisdom says that there is simply no way a granny could outpace you, outlift you and outlast you in the gym, right? Well, take a quick look at the video below and then we’ll talk some more:

A Simple Formula to Help you Overcome your limits

Ernestine is truly inspiring. The questions her story raises are simple ones:

  • How is it possible to overcome limitations?
  • Why does not everyone get past their own limits?
  • Why do we so easily ‘buy’ into the traditional views of what we can do?

In business, just like in life, you have two options: cruise and thrive. If you are cruising you are on autopilot. Things are happening to you and you need to react, you fail to see what’s just round the corner, life (and business) just smacks you in the face.

Thriving requires thought, foresight, planning, engagement and the kind of connection which creates and maintains a sustainable balance. To achieve all this you need: passion and vision. These two ingredients make up the secret formula of success.

Ernestine certainly does not lack passion for life and her vision of how she fits in with the world is supplied by her faith. Provided you can find your passion and then shape it with your vision then there is nothing you cannot achieve.

Passion will allow you to keep on going when everything else says you should stop and vision will give you the direction so that when you do finally pause, you find yourself in the right place.

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