More Social Media Parenting Lessons
ReShonda Tate Billingsley is a best-selling children’s books author but it looks like what she will be remembered for is for using social media to bring her unruly daughter into line.


Social media as a tool for disciplining teensFaced with a child whose social media behaviour went a little too far ReShonda gave it a lot of deep thought and resorted to using the same medium to help teach her a lesson.

The full story, in her own words, is here. Although this is not the first time we have seen social media used as tool for parenting, ReShonda does make a very good case for her actions and helps her live up to her reputation as an author who writes books about bringing up children in the new millennium.

The main thing to notice about all this is that it is a growing trend which no one can truly escape.

  • Children are growing up used to an always-on world, smartphones, tablets, laptops and social media profiles are the norm (ReShonda’s daughter was caught misbehaving on Instagram).
  • The online world is becoming increasingly complex and increasingly interwoven with our offline identity.
  • Parents now owe it to themselves to keep up with their offsprings’ online activities.


Parenting, never an easy task, has just become immeasurably harder. What do you think?

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