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SEO help with their website is what most webmasters and entrepreneurs need right from the start. Search has become the primary means of traffic businesses rely on to survive and SEO has become a ubiquitous technology. If you are not using it from the word go you are disadvantaging your business.


The thing is that unless you have a budget to work with right from the start, outsourcing SEO is usually an expensive proposition few businesses can entertain. It tends to become a millstone round the neck of a start-up which, inevitably, begins to turn outsourced search engine costs into a race of time between what they cost to the business and what they bring in.

The thing is that when it comes to SEO, while it takes time to get it off the ground and in the initial phase it tends to cost more than it brings in, it is still the number one source of leads for any business. The reasons are simple enough to understand:

  • Search is the principle means of navigating the web
  • Search is the initial step of any purchase decision (Google has a free eBook out outlining how this is becoming even more important – link at the end of this article)
  • Search is the first step for checking on availability of products and services

While social media marketing and email marketing are important they tend to be ephemeral. The moment you stop posting on a social media network the returns you get for your effort disappear. The moment your email campaign is over it stops working for you. Search, on the other hand, keeps on providing leads on a steady and incrementally increasing basis, provided your search engine optimisation efforts have been focused to begin with.

Given the importance search plays in the health of any business, being able to apply practical SEO techniques is now a fundamental requirement for online business success. Search engine optimization (SEO) is complicated when it comes to theory and how it is applied but the practice of it is actually a lot easier to grasp. Most of the times it consists of relatively simple steps which are linked by a strict, logical process and which then have specific impact on your website.

SEO Books, SEO Training Courses and SEO Services

This then leads to the natural question of what you should do. Ideally you should bone up on the necessary SEO skills you need yourself but that is not always possible. Every businessman, webmaster and entrepreneur struggles under the same restrictions of time and this is exactly where it gets interesting.

To win this war you need to balance the equation of time-money-expertise in a way which totally works for you. If, for instance, you decide to go down the path where you buy some practical SEO books and do it yourself, you need to make sure you have the time to actually read them and apply what you learn. If you do not you will have lost valuable time and gained no discernible knowledge or experience.

A friend of mine attended an SEO course I ran and then went away and followed it up with a couple more, giving him enough knowledge to push his website up the rankings. SEO courses are great time savers because you do not need to go through the pages of a book, they help deliver intensely practical things to do, but they cost more money than a book, to buy. Here you need to balance what your time is worth versus what the SEO course will give you and how quickly you can apply it. Typically there should be hardly any time between learning what to do and putting it into practise.

SEO services are the biggest question of all because they cost far, far more than any book and way more than any SEO course you may undertake. If you go for a one-off optimization process you will end up being short-changed as it will not really help that much. The best SEO services typically deliver a monthly service with detailed progress reports. Budget SEO services do exactly what would do and may not be such an investment of your money. Typically, when you buy an SEO service you are buying a combination of time, expertise and skills. To get the most of it you really want not just to save time but to pay for expertise and skills which you have not got and which you cannot easily acquire.

Ultimately, just like any business skill, you will need to have a working knowledge of SEO in order to run your business properly. If you do not you will be at the mercy of those who speak a jargon you do not understand, offering services the necessity of which you will be incapable of assessing properly.

Online SEO Course: SEO Help for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

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