During December 2011 we had a number of SEO and Social Media developments.
The final month of 2011 was full of changes and developments in the world of social media and search engine optimization. Google did not disappoint, leading the way in SEO but it was social media which perhaps stole the show by providing lessons, in the form of disasters.

In case you missed them here are some highlights of the month that’s just passed.

01. 2012 is the Year of Social Media (podcast). There are many reasons why this year is going to be the year social media comes fully into the mainstream. Most of them are covered in a short podcast designed to help you focus the marketing of your business.

02. Top Ten Social Media Disasters of 2011 (video). In 2011 we were treated to one after another of social media disasters. So many, as a matter of fact, that it became difficult to know which one to take into account first. In a ten minute video you get to see ten of the top ones and what we learnt from each one.

03. 10 SEO Developments Implemented by Google. Google, these days drives much of what happens on the web, including search and social media. In December the company implemented ten SEO developments, each of which is going to have some impact this year. Make sure you get to see which ones they are and understand why they will affect you.

04. America’s Biggest Loser Teaches us About Business. America’s biggest loser is a show which helps people turn their lives around. It also provides us with a winning formula which can be applied to business.

05. Five SEO Myths which may be hurting your site. SEO is changing fast yet old practices still persist. Some of these will waste energy and time but are essentially harmless while others will definitely do more harm than good. Find out which ones really work for you.

06. CEO Blogs and Your Business. There should be no question about whether you should blog or not if you want to drive traffic up in your business but if you are going to tackle it yourself you had better make sure you are up to the task.

07. eCommerce Tips for Better Online Sales. The online world is changing fast and you have better make sure you change with it. In a short article covering eCommerce development you get to see what online visitors want from a website, these days, before they part with their money.

08. How Search is Changing the Online Purchasing Process. Google’s powerful search and the proliferation of mobile computing platforms are having an impact in the way people are making purchases online. Find out what’s new and how it affects you.

09. Commenting Systems and Your Website. If you are struggling with the decision whether to install a native or non-native commenting system this article covered it all, explaining both pros and cons.

10. Unique Selling Points (USPs) and Your Business. The importance of grasping what the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your business is has now gone from one of those things which might have been nice to have but not necessary to something which is truly essential to your business success.