During December 2011 we had a number of SEO and Social Media developments.

September was a tremendously busy month when it came to SEO and Social Media developments. If you missed anything you would have been excused as the hours of the day suddenly available for keeping up with everything became inadequate.

Admittedly it was a month which, the f8 Facebook conference notwithstanding, was mostly dominated by Google. Here’s a round-up of some of the most important SEO and Social Media developments in the month that just passed.

01. Hosting became vitally important. Good quality hosting is hugely important for the SEO of your website. Apart from speed and reliability there is also the crucial question of server security which these days is very important for a website’s SEO status and rankings on Google search results.

02. Marketing through Google Plus crystallized. Google Plus opened its doors to the public and the newest social network attracted over 15 million visits in a single day. Those who do not plan to market through Google Plus are missing out on a huge opportunity.

03. Facebook Launched a Subscription Button. Backtracking on some of its thinking Facebook launched a subscription button which allows Facebookers to anonymously follow a person without having to ask to become their friend first. Great for stalkers but even better for marketers.

04. Google’s +1 Button is going to appear on Display Ads. Mindful of the need to leverage the power of their +1 social sharing Button, Google have plans to enable it across their Display Network and also to make it visible on Display Network ads which they do not control.

05. Google Plus Circles can now be shared. The focus was very much on Google Plus now with Google Plus Circles being able to be shared and, more importantly, to be added to your own circle collection just with a couple of clicks.

06. Google Analytics goes Real Time. Getting ready to capitalise on social, Google enables real-time analytics in its famous, FREE, enterprise class tracking tool and gets ready to reap the rewards.

07. Google Plus Gets its Own Blog. So many are the changes being rolled out on Google Plus that to help keep track of them all it gets its own official Google blog.

08. Mark Ups appeared in Google Plus. Google Plus enabled the use of Mark Up language in its stream, helping users create posts which looked interesting and drew more attention.

09. Google Panda Update completed. Following the March introduction of the Google Panda update to its search algorithm in March 2011 Google carried out refinements in May, June and July which were labelled Panda 2.1, Panda 2.2 and Panda 2.5, respectively.

10. Social Media Tools give predictive power to marketers. Social Media reached a point of maturation which is good enough for anyone who knows how to use five basic social media tools to carry out some mood and opinion mining. The results, though never fool-proof, are always amazing.