eBooks are becoming more and more prevalent on the web and are overtaking paperbooks - yet sales cannot be achieved without SEO
You cannot escape SEO any more than you can escape the fact that in publishing eBooks are gaining the upper hand over their paper cousins, some a dozen years from the time it was forecast it would happen.

There are good reasons for both. In an ideal world anything put on the net would be instantly indexible and assessed on its intrinsic merit. No need for SEO, Social Media Marketing, digital hoop-jumping and the sacrifice of pixel-based goats. Similarly, books would be printed, shipped to million of eagerly waiting readers, each wanting to discover something new and exciting and perhaps improve their mind in the process.

The reason none of this is happening is not because the world is not ideal. It is, after all, what it is, and we really have no other and need to make the most of this it. Rather, the complexity, speed and sheer variety in online developments make for an often confusing matrix where even search engines need assistance.

Jim Hanas, in his inaugural Plus Ça Change Chat Google+ Hangout talked to Jeff Rutherford founder of Delabarre Publishing on what it takes to sell eBooks on the web today.

As it happened I was cruising through the G+ world, late at night, and joined their Hangout. The experience was incredibly informative and left me with a bit of buzz well past the witching hour on a long day.

Check out the video below, it has some very useful insights:



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