During December 2011 we had a number of SEO and Social Media developments.

While the weather has been heating up and many of us have been hitting the beach the SEO and Social Media sphere has been busier than ever.

In case you missed them here is a quick round-up of the SEO and Social Media events worth catching in August 2011.

1. Google+ starts to feed Google’s Social Search Results. Google’s own social network, Google+ has started to feed into Google search results, starting with Social Search and beginning to expand out into Real-Time search and Google’s mainstream search. Bottom line is that unless you have your Google+ profile and have started to post content to it and build up your Circle of contacts you are missing out on a major component of social media marketing.

2. Google +1 Button gets integrated into Gogle+. The Google +1 Button, which was Google’s response to Facebook’s ‘Like’ button, is now fully integrated into Google+. When you +1 a website you can also seamlessly choose which of your Google+ Circles can see the content you +1’ed, so you can share what you like, with those you like, when you like.

3. Google Related brings back the importance of On-Page Optimization. Google Related is a new feature integrated in Chrome (Google’s browser) intended to help those who visit a webpage to discover popular, relevant, web content fast. Its introduction is making on-page optimization vitally important again as it is one of the cues Google uses to discover related content.

4. Making Better Business Decisions Requires Discipline
. The latest research, released in August, on neurophysiology, showed that there is such a thing as Decision Fatigue and good business decisions require methodology and discipline.

5. Twitter Changed the Way it Uses its Social Graph. Twitter has become the de facto real time web service for millions of people. It is busy changing the way information is displayed on its interface so that content is both more relevant and easier to find.

6. Facebook is Unfiltering its Wall. In response to the success of Google+ Facebook has removed the filtering on its Wall, allowing Wall posts to now appear everywhere and changing the way they appear so as to avoid duplication.

7. Localization Becomes Important in AdWords. Google is focused on providing localized traffic. This is crucial for its mobile search platform as well as the relevancy of search results at a local level. AdWords underwent changes in August to help provide greater relevancy in local searches as a result.

8. DMOZ still important for SEO. The Open Directory Project (DMOZ), unfortunately, still plays a pivotal role when it comes to SEO. You still need to jump through hoops in order to get listed.

9. SEO is Spilling Outside the Web. SEO has become a ubiquitous technology. We are seeing its impact everywhere and this is particularly noticed when it comes to celebrity baby names which are chosen with uniqueness and findability in mind.

10. Local Search Got a Boost. Google’s Local Search results are beginning to become all the more important. Particularly as the search giant is focusing on mobile search as its next main platform. If you have a business you can benefit greatly from local traffic provided it is optimised correctly.

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