David Amerland will be on a panel of experts discussing how Google+ can be used for profit and gain on 23rd August at 12pm EST/9am PST

Just over a month ago Google+ became the world’s youngest social network and then went on to break all records. It became the fastest growing social network ever, receiving 20 million members in just four weeks (Facebook took two years to reach that number), it launched a games platform in just four weeks and its stability and clean design have had Google groupies in ecstasy.

In that short time we have also seen its effects on Google search have already started to make themselves felt. Google has additional plans to integrate Google+ further with posts influencing Google’s Real Time Search results and a possible Google Search specifically for Google+ being integrated in the service.

Although it’s still early days the adoption of Google+ and its impact, this early on, are a strong indicator that it will have a deep and lasting effect on search, online business marketing, social media promotion, branding and the way businesses engage with their customers.

To explore all this I will be on a panel of experts in a live webinar on 23rd August 12pm EST / 9am PST. We will be exploring the options and possibilities afforded by Google’s social network in a live broadcast designed to create an inspiring, informative environment and an enjoyable experience.

We shall be covering issues such as:

  • Will Google Plus take significant market share from Facebook and other social networks?
  • How will Google Plus impact social search?
  • What could be in store when Google begins providing the equivalent of Facebook fan pages for use by businesses?
  • What lessons have we and Google learned from the Google Plus beta test?

The answers should provide you with the kind of insights you will need in order to successfully leverage Google+ for your own benefit. Whether you are a lone webmaster working to make your site more visible and successful online, or you work as part of a team which looks to you for guidance in the social media marketing world, this webinar is designed specifically to help you.

I hope you will be able to join me and the other panelists taking part and benefit from our insights and knowledge.


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