SEO and Social Media Round-Up July 2011

In the summertime when the weather is high, living may be easier but in the online world we live in a perpetual summer where activity never ceases.

The month that just passed was busier than ever which means that 2011 is not just going to be the year of SEO as I predicted earlier in the year but also the year social media marketing took centre stage.

A quick round up of July’s events in online marketing and SEO:

1. Google+ launched by Google: Google launched its own social network, raising the bar on social network stability, smoothness, functionality and collaborative tools. The uptake has been spectacular and there are real benefits to SEO when you use Google+.

2. PageRank Updated: PageRank may be on its way out and that would get rid of many Black Hat SEO tactics. Google’s hinting that this is the way it will go. At the moment it still counts so stay tuned for more updates on it by Christmas.

3. Blogs continue to drive traffic and SEO juice to websites: Having a blog is far from over. As a matter of fact a blog is still one of the most powerful weapons you can have in your SEO arsenal.

4. Google Offered AdWords Express for Local Business: Beefing up its focus on local businesses, Google offered AdWords Express as an easier way to attract local customers through online advertising aimed at local searches.

5. Facebook Launched a new page for Facebook Pages for business: Facebook is working hard to help business use its Facebook Pages better with more choices and better functionality.

6. Google steps up program for Google+ for business: Google+ for business was initially slated for 2012 but the success of Google+ has made Google step up the program, so stay tuned for a roll out this year, probably in time for Christmas.

7. Search Rankings got boosted from a Google+ presence: having a Google+ account and promoting your site (very, very carefully at the moment) there, helped boost websites on the Google search results pages.

8. Google Search by Image made Image Search Optimization imperative: Google’s continuous improvement of search tackled images and the way they are indexed on the web with a new, improved search component which now allows users to search by image. This also makes it imperative that you optimise your images correctly.

9. Search is changing the way we think: Search engines are so widespread in their use that the now begin to change the way our brains work. This has an inevitable impact on SEO.

10. Free SEO eBook on on-page optimization: On-page optimization is a crucial aspect of SEO and it is important for more than its technical reasons. There is now a free SEO eBook which will guide you on what you should do and how.