Since 2003 Google has been preparing for a revolution which has already happened. Location Based Services (LBS) at first glance appear as a way for start ups to circumvent a great deal of web searching, web advertising and web reliance.

Location Based Services are not a brand new idea as IBM research points out . The concept has been on the go for some time but it is only the advent of 3G handsets that has made it possible. Google has been preparing for this with location-based services served up on site searches since 2003. It has then taken the technology one step further, buying up bandwidth and devising a mobile phone platform which will become the basis of its own LBS.

The fact is that Google is probably better positioned than many to serve up such results, more accurately and faster. What it means for you is that information you had on your, let’s say pizza restaurant site, which you though was not that important now suddenly becomes vitally important if it is to be found and indexed and, eventually served up locally every time someone asks for a ‘pizza restaurant’ late at night.

The key to the future is information. How it’s used, how it’s handled and when it is served. This makes it vitally important in terms of both search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Get any of them wrong and your site may as well have disappeared for all the good it will do you.