It is no less a personality than Tony Robbins who said that we live in the entertainment age rather than the information age. Robbins was using the meme of the web and instant connectivity to make his assessment. A century ago, however, a stripper going by the name of Gypsy Rose Lee had made the same connection, mixed entertainment with information and succeeded in creating a brand which brought her fame and fortune beyond any expectation.

Gypsy Rose Lee was born in 1911 – exactly 100 years ago and at the height of her fame she received at her New York apartment some of the most feted personalities of her day. How did she do it? By design and careful thought Gypsy Rose Lee (born Rose Louise Hovik) created a marketable persona which exhibited:

1. Uniqueness (her name was unique as was her style)

2. Quality (she could actually dance)

3. Novelty (by proving she had brains she managed to make her profession as a stripper irrelevant)

4. Engagement (Lee’s success lay in the fact that she truly engaged her audience)

5. Reinvention (Lee went from stripper to actress to novelist)

These are five principles which appear no matter where you look. Whether it is Lady Gaga, Madonna or Coca Cola each brand utilises exactly the same principles to achieve market dominance. The formula, as true 100 years ago, as it is today shows that when it comes to marketing and business what really changes is the ‘how’, not the ‘what’ or the ‘why’. If Gypsy Rose Lee had been alive today we would be seeing her in YouTube and her Twitter and Facebook accounts would have millions of followers.