Components of Semantic Search and Context Fluidity in Search Engine Optimization

Stanley multi-bit ratchet screwdrivers are a staple in any household that needs to put the odd bit of furniture together, do some handy DIY or hang some blinds and needs to attach the guide rail. The handy screwdriver comes with a number of bits that are stored in the handle, for convenience, and in some cases one of these bits is an odd star-shaped one that is most probably never used. 

Until, that is, you get to put together a furniture console or kitchen cabinets that come with connecting torx screws, like the one below. 

Then the funny, star-shaped bit that Stanley thoughtfully included in the set of bits that came with the screwdriver becomes invaluable. 


Search, today is that Stanley multi-bit ratchet screwdriver. The piece of furniture or DIY task you’re grappling with is the search query and that invaluable, now suddenly all-important star shaped bit is the context. As a matter of fact each bit included (and the many extra you will find you need to buy) are the context. Each one is fairly useless until you need it and if you don’t have it the screwdriver itself is useless as it will not solve your problem and that is about as perfect as an analogy can get when it comes to understanding the complexity of AI-driven search today and context fluidity. 

When it comes to optimizing your website, online brand presence and business, in general, everything counts, even things that appear trivial and useless. But they only count within their particular context and if that context arises and you do not have them in place then you will miss an opportunity to help a search engine work for you by delivering your website, brand and online business as the correct response to that particular search query. 

It is up to you to understand this fully (there is a handy guide on this here) and implement all the possible steps required that, over time become all the more necessary. 


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