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Intentional: How to Live, Love, Work and Play Meaningfully is featured across the web and news sites with reviews, interviews, excerpts and giveaways. Each interview and feature article reveals a fresh layer about the book and its author. Some of these fill in the origin story of the book, some reveal flashes of its author's background and how he writes. Dive into each one to find out fascinating things you didn't know about David Amerland and experience some of the behind-the-scenes moments of Intentional as it came to life. 

Why A Sense Of Purpose Changes Our Life

Intentional by David Amerland and Purpose in Life "Picture the brain as a machine whose job is to manage a finite amount of resources in order to get its job done. That job is to have us survive. Each moment of each day we are bombarded by countless sensations from the external world and an equal number of sensations from our internal one. If we paid attention to all of them, equally, we would lock up and be unable to get anything done. Surviving would become unlikely." Over at the Blogging Authors site, I have to explain why purpose in life is not the same as the purpose of life. Yet, a sense of purpose changes everything we do. Dive in and find out how purpose affects your life

A Bookish Chat with 'Intentional' Author David Amerland @DavidAmerland #Intentional #Interview

David Amerland author of Intentional: How to Live, Love, Work and Play Meaningfully "Readers think that writers have this god-like approach where knowledge and advice flows from them from some perceived higher authority. In reality writers mine their own lives." At 'The Writer's Life' blog, yours truly gets to talk about ideas on writing, books, how "Intentional: How to Live, Love, Work and Play Meaningfully"came about and what it's like to be a writer, how I use social media and what the future holds for me, now. I find interviews challenging because I don't vet the questions beforehand. That way each one sounds fresh and it also helps new nuggets of information about me, writing and the books I love. Dive in for the full interview


Our Town Book Reviews Asks Questions About How I Write 

Our Town Book Reviews Interviews David Amerland "You place one word after another in a way that makes them make sense. The first part of this sentence is easy. The second part is not." Kathy, from Our Town Book Reviews, asks some deep questions about what a book means, how it comes about, whether writing ever becomes easy and why a book is such a long, arduous journey to write. Yours truly does his best to reply with honesty to questions he doesn't always like to answer. Dive in here to find out what those are

Emily, Owner of "Don't Judge Read" blogDon't Judge Read Interview with David Amerland

Don't Judge, Read is Emily's blog on books. In her interview she delves into how David Amerland writes, what made "Intentional" possible, what keeps him motivated and asks for advice on writing for writers. The interview features an excerpt from "Intentional". Emily is a Canadian military veteran and a writer as well as an avid reader. Her blog is a fascinating resource. Dive in.  

Intentional Interview with David Amerland Why Is Meaning Necessary In Life?

A life without meaning may not really be a life at all. But to get to this we need to consider just why meaning changes so many aspects of our life. In a guest blog post at the Novels Alive blog, Dayna Linton, poses a seemingly simple question that takes me over 1,000 words to answer. There are some fundamental aspects to life that we intuitively feel but cannot adequately articulate, much less analyze. Yet, the things we don't analyze trap us. Our failure to quantify them makes us unable to understand how to measure them. Anything we can't measure is virtually impossible to improve. Meaning, in our life, should not be left to blind chance. Dive in for the full answer

Obsessed Reader Intentional interview with David Amerland

Obsessive Reader asks some deep questions about Intentional

We need other people. Other people need us. That is a truth. But the reasons for this mutual need are usually contradictory or, at the very least, sufficiently at odds with each other to make trust an issue and turn cooperation into a risk-assessment exercise. Dive in for the full interview and some surprising questions about my writing method.