Day five countdown to release of Intentional

There is something inherently uncomfortable with truth being relative. It’s like justice being subjective. It raises questions: Truth relative to what? Or whom? Justice subject to what criteria. Whose values?

We value truth just as we value justice because we feel they create a sense of permanence in a world that is inherently uncertain. We sense, though we choose to deny or ignore, that the reality we perceive is not the reality that is out there. We worry that we are at risk not from the threats we can imagine or the threats we can perceive but by the threats we don’t know. And there is a lot we don’t know.

So, we say: there is but one truth backed by undeniable factual evidence. Matter is solid. The properties of electrons can be measured. The laws of physics we discover protect us because they helps us understand even things we cannot see.

None of this is true. Matter is not solid. The properties of electrons cannot all be measured. Reality is much weirder and deeper than we can handle with our poor, truncated, earth-based senses.

Which leads us back to truth and path. “Your truth” as a statement is admittedly problematic. It suggests that there are many other truths out there; probably as many as there are other human beings and each one is different. And if that is the case then the moment we accept this we are all headed for chaos.

Yet, in the Ebbinghaus effect neuroscience proved that an hour after encoding information 50% of it is either beyond our ability to retrieve it or corrupted, or both. This makes eye-witness testimony problematic and the possibility that two witnesses who saw the exact same thing agree on everything about it, nearly impossible.

Which leads us back to your truth as distinct and separate from anyone else’s. When it comes to what you see, hear and understand you are guided by your past experiences, your current knowledge and your memories which are then filtered through your expectations and perception.

To speak your truth is to acknowledge that which is important to you. To acknowledge it you have to recognize what your priorities are. To recognize your priorities you need to understand your values and accept your beliefs. If you are ready to do all that, your truth reflects your path.

This is the countdown to the release of Intentional: How to Live, Love, Work and Play Meaningfully. You can find a few more details about it here

Each day of the countdown I will release one truth. So here’s the first one:

"You can't be everything to everyone. At some point you need to make a choice of what truly matters to you and why."

Day five truth about being Intentional